Concealed Carry Tips: Three Essential Shooting Drills

I’ve met a lot of gun owners who have some grasp of the fundamentals of shooting, and they’re what I would call “comfortable” handling a gun, but when it comes to getting their gun out of a holster and putting hits on target in a hurry, I would hesitate to label them “competent”. Oftentimes, these shooters are blissfully unaware of their own lack of preparation. In other cases, less capable shooters might know they need improvement, but don’t know how to get better except to “practice more,” whatever that means.

So how, exactly, can we measure competence with a handgun? And once we have a baseline for our skill level, how do we improve it? Yes, practice is the best way to both assess and improve competency, but to get the most out of our practice sessions, we can’t just “go shooting”. We need a plan, and that plan should probably involve some structured drills and tests.

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