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Guns For Ladies!

Unfortunately some of these are not CA legal – but watch the video, it has some great tips for all the ladies out there! Click HERE to watch the video and read all about it it.

This Weeks Specials!

Better To Be Armed!

Smith & Wesson Performance Center

Happy Turkey Day/Gun Show

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Get ready, because we are goin to the gun show this weekend! Are you going to join us? Click HERE for more information.  

Hmmm… Food or Guns???

Black Friday Sale, Not Just For Fridays!

We have our Black Friday Sale going on NOW until November 26th (closed on the 23rd)!

Would you go to this kind of fashion show?

America’s National Rifle Association has put on a “fashion show’’ in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, showcasing gun-toting accessories. Read the full article HERE!

Fact #1

Helpful How to Shoot a Pistol: Infographic

Because accuracy is everything! Read it HERE