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WANTED: Your Old Guns!

Way to recycle, Alaska!

We didn’t win the Powerball this time… but we have an idea of what we would do if we did!

We Offer Training!

Did you know that Crosshairs Gun Store offers one on one individualized training? If you want to learn how to shoot your newly purchased handgun, freshen up your skills for that handgun that you haven’t shot in ages or rent a gun at the shooting range to see what would best fit your needs – … Continue reading We Offer Training!

Get The Facts Straight, Guns Don’t Kill People – People Kill People

Who Knew That You Could Make So Many Firearms Out Of Cardboard

Check out this YouTube channel! Who knew you could build so many firearms out of cardboard? Click HERE  

Check Out Our Friends At Gun Compensator For All Of Your AR15 Needs!

Ultimate Guide: How to Shoot a Pistol Accurately

Learn how to shoot more accurately with your pistol/handgun through a review of fundamentals, easy to do exercises at home, proper range practice tips, and helpful gear. Ultimate Guide: How to Shoot a Pistol Accurately

Custom Laser Engraving For Your .22LR

Brand new JWH Custom CNC bolt with laser engraving for your .22LR. This is top quality, deep engraved. It will never wear off. This is a brand new never fired bolt. A Beautiful example of what we offer! Check out more of what we offer at our sister site: https://www.jwhcustom.com/product-catego…/pattern-cnc-bolts/ We also offer JWH Custom CNC … Continue reading Custom Laser Engraving For Your .22LR

Customer Mail In Service For Any Of Your Bolts!

For the first time ever we are able to offer a customer mail in service for any of your bolts! We just purchased another machine that will be solely dedicated to engraving mail in bolts, and boy, it’s freaking fast! Check out our ebay listing and please be sure to read through the descriptions. It … Continue reading Customer Mail In Service For Any Of Your Bolts!