We Offer Training!

Did you know that Crosshairs Gun Store offers one on one individualized training? If you want to learn how to shoot your newly purchased handgun, freshen up your skills for that handgun that you haven’t shot in ages or rent a gun at the shooting range to see what would best fit your needs – why not learn from the pros?

Bring your newly purchased or old handgun to learn all about it, in a quiet classroom environment, without feeling that first-time nervousness at a range.

We use the classroom & range facilities at LAX Firing Range, where you can try out numerous handguns for the price of one rental fee. This helps you make an informed decision based on your personal experience.

Class covers detailed safety rules and the “4 commandments” of handling a firearm. Handle a gun in a safe environment, learning what each part is called and how it functions.

Learn the basics of grip and stance. Learn all about cartridge calibers and which one would best suit your needs. Learn range etiquette and safety rules.

Come to the shop and have us drive you or meet us at the range.

Bring your spouse if you wish. Yes! 2 for the price of one!

  • Fees: $75 / hour; minimum of 2 hours
  • Firearms & You Binder: $20
  • Range Lane Rental: $16 / hour
  • Ammo: Depending on the caliber you choose
  • Firearm Rental: $15 – $22 depending on the firearm
  • OR you can use your own handgun
  • Range Fees: $16 – $21 per hour + $2.00 initiation fee

Please contact us at 310.371.4327 to schedule your one on one training!




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